PKK will lay down arms if Turkey accepts autonomy for Kurds

13 September 2010

Murat Karayılan says "Catalan model is what we are looking at"

KCK president Murat Karayılan says PKK will lay down arms if Turkey accepts autonomy for Kurdish populated areas.

Karayilan told El Mundo daily, PKK's autonomy demands are similar to existing Catalonia autonomy in Spain.

The Spanish model "is the one we are looking for", Murat Karayilan said pointing to the example of Catalonia, which has its own police force and parliament.

"If we obtain a Catalonia(-style) autonomy, we would lay down our weapons and hand them over to the United Nations" said Karayilan.

Murat Karayilan also explained that PKK decided to declare a ceasefire until September 20 because of the referendum for constitutional changes in Turkey taking place on Saturday, September 12.

"If the attacks and actions against the Kurds continue, we will have to change our strategy and put an end to our ceasefire. Then the conflict will enter a new phase with a campaign for civil disobedience among the Kurdish population," he said.