Ocalan:Mutual trust and a non-conflict term are the pillars for a solution

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ANF 23.07.2010- The leader of PKK Abdullah Öcalan said he is taking the peace calls from NGO’s in the Kurdish region seriously. “However, creating a mutual trust atmosphere and declaring a bilateral cease fire are the prerequisites for peace. Everybody should act responsible.” added imprisoned Kurdish leader.
Speaking to his lawyers Abdullah Öcalan proposed founding a commission within the parliament that will act like a constituent assembly and draft a pluralistic, democratic constitution. He further stated that a peaceful solution for the Kurdish conflict and legal reforms can bring thousand of people living as refugees out of Turkey back home, including the refugees in Makhmur Camp.

Öcalan also repeated his proposal for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission within the parliament which will help both sides to face the past and solve the problem.

BDP should present an alternative constitution

Supporting BDP’s boycott against the constitution referendum Abdullah Öcalan said BDP has a key role and should inform the Kurdish people well why are boycotting the referendum. BDP can also work together with NGO’s, intellectuals and academics and write an alternative constitution against the current draft which denies the existence of the Kurdish people and their fundamental rights.

Abdullah Öcalan also stated that so called constitution reform packages have always turned in to conspiracy against the Kurds. Reminding the constitutional reforms on 1922, 1925 and 1926 Öcalan said through these reform packages the Kurds were stripped of their rights enshrined in 1921 constitution, therefore Kurds should be careful not to make the same mistakes.

Amendments on anti-terror law are like a joke

Criticizing the amendments on the anti-terror law which is the legal base for imprisoning stone throwing children Abdullah Öcalan said: “AKP’s reform is like an old Turkish joke. They made such an undemocratic law at the beginning and now launching some small amendments as a gift from the government. Why would such provisions exist from the beginning?”

Violence against women is unacceptable

Regarding gender issue Abdullah Öcalan said men do not know how to solve problems and they should not resort violence when they cannot solve the problems. He also stated that if men cannot solve their family problems in a non-violent way they also cannot solve the problems of a state or a society. They are all interrelated. Öcalan stressed that he is against all kind of violence against women and women should be free in order to act according their own will.